Frequently Asked Questions


Does Caring Hearts offer Business Insurance & Bonding? And, if so are any discounts available

Yes, we offer a special group policy for all Caring Hearts business owners. Our premiums are usually around $2,400-$3,500 per year depending on the geographical location of your agency.


How much of an investment would I need to start a Caring Hearts business?

Including Caring Hearts total fee of either $5,999 or $8,999 we also recommend an additional $5000 minimum. To keep cost down you may choose to start your agency from a home office or rent a small executive suite. The excess funds may be used to cover the following; state incorporation fee’s, state licensing fees (if applicable), insurance, additional printing, marketing, advertising, office equipment, phone lines etc..

What is my income potential?

Your profit is based on a variety of factors. The profit factors include but are not limited to; how aggressively you market and advertise in your targeted area(s), pricing structures, customer service and satisfaction, and your dedication to making your business a success.   If you follow the steps provided in training, projected profits are unlimited.

Which types of payments does Caring Hearts accept?

Caring Hearts accepts the following methods of payment; Checks, Money Orders, Cashier Checks, Certified Bank Checks, Visa Mastercard and Discover.

Are any payment arrangements available?

Yes, there is a down payment/deposit of either $2,500.00 or $3,500.00 this depends upon selected training option. Your deposit holds your training seat and helps to cover consultations, creation of agency and printed agency materials. The remaining balance will be due on or before the first day of training (for Semi-Annual and Private) or 5 business days before training (On-Line).

PLEASE NOTE: The deposit is required to lock in training dates, schedule travel arrangements, create & print personalized agency materials.

How do my clients pay my agency?

Initially, you will collect a two week deposit for services. After services begin you will bill your clients weekly, based on your caregivers timesheets. Invoices are due upon receipt.

After training what is the period of time before I start to see a profit?

This depends on your dedication to making your business a success. Once training is completed, you should be ready to open and operate within 1-2 weeks however this varies depending upon state licensing. Profits should be seen within the first month.

Do insurance providers cover non-medical services?

Yes, but only specific “Long Term Care Insurance” offers these benefits. However, in some states benefits are also covered by Medicaid, Veterans Benefits, and Workman’s Compensation.


After launching our agency what types of support does Caring Hearts offer?

We offer unlimited on-line group training and operational support via phone, email and text.

Does Caring Hearts allow business owners to communicate and learn from each other?

Yes, we encourage this.


Can I have my accountant and or attorney view my agreements/contracts/forms?

Yes, we encourage this by providing you a copy of our agreement upon request.

If I already have some materials of my own to run this business, then why shouldn’t I do it myself?

Caring Hearts has been in business over thirteen years. We offer our business owners the latest and most advanced materials as well as training to start a successful agency. Starting this business yourself can take months even years in which could turn out to be very costly as well as time consuming.

What makes Caring Hearts different from other companies?

Our business model is planned to ensure success by giving our business owners a competitive edge in the home care market place. We offer a low initial investment with minimal overhead that is designed to allow the business owner a larger amount of working capital. There are no long term financial commitments such as royalty fees on your income or any franchise demands.

Would I be able to speak with previously trained Caring Hearts business owners?

Yes, Caring Hearts offers you the opportunity to reach out to our business owners for validation on everything we have to offer. Prior to purchase upon request we provide you the contact information for at least five business owners.

Why purchase Caring Hearts and not a franchise?

It is of the utmost importance that you understand the differences between Caring Hearts Home Care and a Franchise. Please see some points below:



Is the senior population the only demographic this business would cater to?

No. There are many directions you can take your business. Your clients may range from seniors, new & expectant mothers, surgery clients, Veterans and working parents to mention a few… In training we will provide you with many different options/ demographics and ideas. You can use to grow your own business.

What is Caring Hearts? Is this a franchise?

Caring Hearts is classified as a Consulting Firm similar to a business school with all of the perks of a franchise but none of the downfalls.

  • Complete business system
  • Independent business owner
  • No royalty fee’s
  • Low start-up cost
  • No mandatory membership fees
  • No territory restrictions.

Are there any territory restrictions?

No, there are no territory restrictions

Are there any Royalty fees or on-going fees associated with my ownership?

No, there are no Royalty or On –going fees associated with a Caring Hearts business.

Do I use the Caring Hearts name for my business?

The option to use the Caring Hearts name is available to all business owners however, if you choose to create one of your own we will assist you in the decision making process to find a name that enhances the marketability of your agency.

Does Caring Hearts offer soft wear for accounting, staffing & billing?

No, however we give all of our business owner’s user friendly affordable and sometimes free soft wear suggestions.

Is there any name recognition or branding in the Non-Medical Home Care Industry?

No, in this business your success is based solely on the amount of trust and respect you have earned from the referring sources in your community.

If I went with Caring Hearts how would I get my leads?

You will obtain your home care leads thru marketing, networking, and advertising. Caring Hearts not only teaches you the skills needed to market, network, and advertise your business we also include sample advertising slicks for your convenience. We also discuss and give recommendations for Lead referral companies.


Does Caring Hearts offer their clients emergency alert systems to wear while alone (ex. Bracelet, Pendant).

Yes, we offer a free distributorship to our business owners in which all marketing materials are included at no additional charge for ex; brochures.


What materials and information are included in Caring Hearts Gold Plan?

You will receive an extensive 2 or 3-day training program, New Owner Operating Manual, Operations Manual, Home Care Agency Manual, Advertising & Marketing Manual, Home Care Staffing Manual, 2 – Orientation Manuals, 3 Policy & Procedure Manuals, company forms, letters, employee/contractor forms, tests, unlimited support, company newsletters and much more. We provide you with all you will need to own and operate a successful Non-Medical – Homemaker/Companion business.


What computer type format is used for Caring Hearts materials? And, is it easy to customize the materials?

Caring Hearts materials are formatted in Microsoft Word as well as Excel to ensure easy editing should you choose. However, for your convenience we will personalize all materials needed for your agency.

Are the policies and procedures customized for my specific state?

We offer customized agency materials including Three (3) Personalized policy & procedure manuals included ranging from homemaker/companion to personal care. Every business owner receives a template to assist in the modification of other states requiring licensing, this process can be as simple as removing a few policies and making a few minor adjustments. Our policies & procedures are based off the current federal regulations.


Where would I receive my training?

That is 100% up to you!!! We have 3 different options for you to choose from. EVERY MONTH – On-Line Live & Interactive Training (3-days) SEMI-ANNUAL – Florida and New York (2-days)-Accelerated Class PRIVATE – Florida, or your state – (2 days – some restrictions may apply)-Accelerated Class.

What kind of training does Caring Hearts provide?

Live Interactive training is provided, to ensure comprehension of the agency materials.


After training what services will my agency offer?

Your agency would offer Non-Medical Homemaker/Companion type services. Depending upon specific state licensing you may also be able to provide personal care services as well.


Can I run this Agency/Business part-time?

Yes, this business can be worked part or full–time.
You may also have the option to work form a home office.

Can anyone own this agency?

The answer is in most cases is that, anyone over eighteen years of age can own this business. However certain state restrictions per licensing maybe required.

Is there a license required to operate a non-medical home care agency?

Home Care Agency licenses/Business License requirements vary from state to state but in most cases the license is called Homemaker/Companion. Caring Hearts will assist you in determining the laws for your state.

Can I have a business partner?

Yes, and we strongly advise both yourself and business partner attend training.

Should I have prior experience?

No experience is necessary. Caring Hearts provides the training and guidance to make your new endeavor a success. Our professionals will assist you with any questions you may have regarding all aspects of your new business. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!!


Please explain an “Assessment”.

An assessment is a process needed to pin point a client’s specific non-medical home care needs. This will usually take place in the client’s home.

How will I obtain my clients?

There are many different avenues in which are used to obtain home care clients. During training we will teach you both free and inexpensive ways to do this.


How do I determine the type of companion & aids to recruit & how do I find them?

Caring Hearts has extremely high standards which were incorporated during the development of our “7-Tier Hiring Process”. By using our “7 Tier Hiring Process” you will be able to recruit, train and sustain the best caregiving staff available saving you time and money.

Please explain exactly what companion & homemaker care consists of?

Companion & Homemaker care consists of emotional support along with basic household chores for individuals whom wish to remain independent in their own home.

Please explain exactly what personal care consists of?

Personal Care consists of attending to the clients ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living). For ex; assisting with things like bathing, dressing, ambulation, toileting. Typically, those providing personal care are Certified Nursing Assistants and or Home Health Aides.

Would my caregiving staff need to be medically certified?

No, this is a non-medical home care agency. The most important requirement is a dependable and compassionate person with a great personality.